Increasing House Values – The 12 Main Factors

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Follow 12 golden rules which can increase your home value

To buy a property has become a more stressful experience. To buy and sell property is a complex experience. Changed daily , by variable and the volatile property market. Differing variables in local property markets, go together hand in hand to define market prices for homes in an area. However, there are many factors which are beyond the control of buyers and sellers. As opposed to our blog on the 12 negative factors. We will pinpoint 12 main areas that can lead to valuable increases in property prices. These point, pinpoint and make you aware of how you may manipulate situations to your advantage. Enabling you to achieve a sale with a good profit as well. – free advice on quick property sales.

  1. How location can affect property prices. Where the property is situated plays a vital part in a bid to sell and gain a profit

There will always be houses, where owners find it hard to achieve maximum end of market house prices. No matter where they are situated. Obviously if the property is located in the countryside, for instance with stunning views, more people will find the property desirable. This will benefit sales and a higher, premium of attraction and increased profit. Location means everything to the market place. Crime-ridden estates with a reputation of being a ‘bad area’ will struggle to sell property. Even if the property has been refurbished with the latest amenities, it only has a limited value and effect on the final selling price. Real estate’s slogans and selling prices begin with location.

  1. High house values can be achieved if property has ‘kerb appeal’

Estate agents use the term ‘kerb appeal’ It is a new found term amongst estate agents. it acknowledges that really, first impressions of property, are important. when prospective buyers arrive at your property, the first impression is the lasting one. This registers a yes or no in the buyer’s mind as to whether to buy or not. A major factor in selling the property. If the gardens, doors are in good order and finished attractively, potential buyers will be more likely to have a positive feel about your home. A feeling of positivity can be gained from this first impression when they step into your home. ‘Kerb appeal’ can seriously affect the prospect of a sale and higher house values.

  1. How the shape and size of houses can be linked to property values

Traditional property layouts, are generally preferred by house buyers. Homes, that are built on large rectangular plots with plenty of space for a garden will be highly sort after, and a high premium will be attained. Alternatively, oddly shaped property, at the end of terraces, which could be triangular is not as favourable or sort after. Also houses that are close to roads will often be overlooked because of traffic issues.

  1. Houses with more bedrooms, could signify higher home values

There is a bigger demand for three and four bedroom houses. Families are ever- increasing and bigger houses can accommodate families of four or five people. It is a sort after acceptance, that every child can have their own bedroom. families, up-size from small homes and flats to accommodate the growing family. Property valuations climb and house sales may rise.

  1. Kitchens can impress and result in higher house valuations

The kitchen can be thought of as the heart of the family. A new kitchen can add substantial value to a property. The kitchen is the focal part of the home, where people meet to socialise, talk about day to day events, eat and socialise. Homes, designed with a new spacious and modern kitchen will have the edge over a house, that has a tired worn out tiny kitchen, with less appeal , value. The selling value maybe hindered and the house could be bypassed for a property with a more user friendly kitchen.

  1. Adequate storage space is invaluable and a major asset for property buyers.

A family amasses quite a lot of possessions throughout day to day life. Sometimes a nightmare problem , especially families with teenagers. Working from home may accrue a need for storage. Homes that have ready made storage space, in the form of lofts and walk in closets will be bought up quickly. Prices will be pushed up more and quick sales will inevitably follow.

  1. Higher property values can be attained with off-road parking

There are lots of vehicle crimes, and they are more prevalent in affluent areas. Crime can be de-activated by the added value and security of a garage, or private driveway. These facilities can leave a car less susceptible to crime and high insurance premiums. Properties with these facilities, will have an edge over homes on the market, without private parking facilities. properties without private parking, can be at a disadvantage. These are advantageous to have and an asset and cheap to install, especially if you want to sell your house fast.

8. Modern amenities mean property buyers can move straight in

It is a struggle, nowadays for property buyers to find more money for larger deposits, to buy their desired homes. A house that is fully equipped with modern amenities, such as electrical wiring and fixtures that are amiable and guaranteed to attract a higher price than one that needs work. if the house is decorated to a high standard with modernised utilities, may result in higher premiums from first time buyers.

9. Homes with efficient energy systems can affect the sale of property and bring higher house prices

Household budgets, have been overstretched, with the ever increasing cost of energy in the UK. If your home can be installed with an efficient heating system, which curtails high fuel bills, there is a bonus and another factor that may help in the selling process.

10. Great schools within the catchment area- a good factor

Priority is given to children who live in the catchment area. Schools with favourable OFSTED reports and who perform well in the league tables, make the surrounding area an attractive factor and selling point for buyers with children. This can push up the final selling price.

11. Crime rates , a proven advantage regarding house sales.

People do not want to live in a street or area which is crime-ridden. ‘Bad areas’ or areas, where crime figures illustrate a higher proportion of crime, hinder sales. Conversely, areas with low crime rates have an advantage and are increasingly more desirable to inhabit. Buying a house is a lifetime commitment. If your home is in such an area, it has more chance to sell with a high premium. Substantial evidence illustrates that low crime rate areas are more attractive to prospective buyers, and higher prices for property is achievable.

12. How recreational facilities close by – lead to more profitable prices for house sales

Properties that are situated within walking distance of leisure facilities and recreational areas hold a higher potential for selling, and are an attractive factor to prospective buyers. We have produced this blog and hope you have gained pointers from it, to help with the process of selling your property.

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